Soil Samples

With the excavation of the basement about to begin, the need to test the soil was an important step in properly disposing of the excess soil.  We met with our Environmental consultant at the site and had four test pits dug to a depth of ten feet, which is the depth of the basement. We have our fingers crossed for a good result.

The technician tested the soil at the site with a calibrated  photo-ionization detector.  There were no readings for petroleum hydrocarbons and organic vapors in all four test pits and the soil appeared to be native and untouched.  This was excellent news.  Two composite samples were then taken from the four pits, prepared and sent to the lab for analysis.  The analysis will check for PCB’s, pesticides, Semi-volatile organics and metals.  The analytical results came back and when compared to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, fell well below the remediation standards for both residential and non-residential.  So in conclusion the results were good and we can safely dispose of the expected 600 yards of fresh virgin soil.  Now if our results were negative and soil needed remediation, then it’s not the end of the road, but you can expect to pay a heavy premium for hauling away the contaminated soils.


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